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You Know Better.

Ever feel like you're not enough? Shame can destroy your life if you allow it. In Brene Brown's 2012 Ted Talk she explains how shame thrives on secrecy, silence, and judgment. She also discusses its profound effects on gender. "For women, shame is, do it all, do it perfectly and never let them see you sweat. For men, shame is, do not be perceived as weak".

Before committing to creating Destine Strategies, my shame from throughout the years came flooding in.

"You have to be ladylike. You must be presentable at all times. You look crazy. What are you wearing? You're a liar. Do you live in that house? You suck at the piano. What happened to you? You failed music theory. You can't teach people how to sing. You're psychic? No one is going to believe you. You don't deserve to be happy. You're a failure. What money do you have? You are getting old. Get it together! You know better, so do better.

I was determined my shame wasn't going to hold me back. I called it by name, even cussed it out a few times. I understood I was the one adding fuel to this invisible monster by staying silent and judging myself for so long.

Learning self-compassion is key to healing shame's painful results.

Check out Brene Brown's Ted Talk


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