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You Are Worth More Than Gold.

David Chappelle said, NO to 50 million dollars and YES to freedom.

What's interesting is because he refused a fake, glitter-filled lifetime of imprisonment,

his blessings quadrupled and then some.

The "elite" did everything they could to make his life a living hell.

Yet, he stayed determined. Twelve years, he grew. Twelve years, he waited.

David knows his soul, his spirit, his piece of mind is worth more than the most precious stone on earth or anywhere else.

He knows his price is- priceless.

During this time, a lot of folks have been bought by the "elite." A few have switched sides. These unsuspecting individuals were promised better careers, houses, cars, national recognition even winning the lottery.

They were unwilling to wait for the unimaginable.

Unwilling to wait for divine timing.

They prematurely interrupted the abundance that was rightfully theirs for shaky gains worth a flat soda and a crooked smile.

What is your price?

Would you wait and trust the Universe to gift you what you are truly worth?


Do you settle for fool's gold?

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