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There's No Place Like Home

I wonder why Dorothy chose to remain in the land of Oz?

I would guess existing between two worlds wasn't exactly comfortable. I imagine trying to turn off experiencing a talking Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion, not to mention flying monkeys was a feat.

When Dorothy went back to Kansas, did she share her adventures with friends? Maybe she couldn't. If she did, I'm sure they looked at her like she had three heads. Is it possible she had witnessed too many eye-opening events to continue living a typical life on the farm? I know Aunt Em and Uncle Henry loved Dorothy, but it must have been hard trying to understand what she went through from their limited scope. It also might be the reason why they couldn't travel back to Oz with her. They were not fully awake to the idea. It had to have been very difficult for Dorothy knowing she couldn't take the people she loved with her.

Yet, she followed where her heart was calling her to be, to a community where she could thrive, dream, and be herself.


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