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Social Butterfly?

My mom loves telling me how I used to be such a social butterfly, and how I never met a stranger. This was true. I would go out of my way to speak to anyone, especially those who were sad or going through something. I thought, if I could make them feel better, then that would make me happy.

Yeah, my intentions were genuine and sweet, but that didn't serve me too well later on in life.

With most HSP's or empaths, there is a natural ability to nurture and fix other people's problems. What I didn't know at that time was how to establish healthy boundaries and not readily give my energy away to people who didn't deserve it. I did this for a while, well past my young adult years, and it became an expectation from myself and from former friends until I had enough. And enough, I had had.

I then discovered the root of all the craziness. It was me. I was attracting these people into my life. Some of these relationships were orchestrated (we'll get to that later). However, it became crystal clear that I needed to acknowledge my lack of self-worth, self-esteem, and work on my inner child healing. My Higher Self relentlessly, yet lovingly showed me how critical the lessons were below to apply for my peace of mind.

Lesson #1- Be careful who you give your energy to. There has to be a healthy exchange, a give and take between people. Use your intuition/discernment. If they are not helping you elevate, evacuate.

Lesson #2- People-pleasing is not it, boo. Love and honor yourself by making you a priority. People pleasers can make themselves sick from doing too much. Learning to validate yourself is a must.

Lesson #3- Boundaries! Put those boundaries in place. People will drain your soul if you allow them. This one was disgustingly repetitive throughout my life up until a couple of years ago. The word, NO, and cutting out what no longer serves me have become my best friends.

Healing your past can transform the relationship you have with yourself. Can you imagine what a butterfly goes through in a cocoon? Metamorphosis isn't easy. It sucks. Do it anyway. Do it for your freedom.

Also, whether you're a social butterfly or a sensitive being, protect your energy, especially nowadays when it is needed the most.


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