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Pesky Crows

You can't win, you can't break even

And you can't get out of the game

People keep sayin' things are gonna change

but they look just like, they're stayin' the same

You can't win, your in over your head

And you only got yourself to blame.

You can't win Child (You can't win Child)

You can't break even

And you can't get out of the game

I imagine the lyrics above are similar to what has been told to Kanye West and every entertainment artist, religious figure, or politician, that has tried going against the powers that be(were). I'll be honest, I used to think the worst of Kanye until I understood myself; my own struggles with being enough, and losing people in my life.

What he has gone through and is currently going through reminds me of what happened to the Scarecrow, during the Crow Anthem scene in the movie, The Wiz. The Scarecrow is relentlessly being taunted and teased. To anyone watching, the crows are seen as vicious bullies. However, from a spiritual standpoint, they serve as triggers for the Scarecrow to advance his soul growth. Crows are not only temperamental, but they also symbolize change. I can only pray Kanye and anyone else who has suffered greatly and lived to tell about it, have learned to be courageous and share their stories with the world.

Music and Lyrics by the Incredible and Beloved, Charlie Smalls

Song performed by the Greatest Entertainer of all time, Michael Jackson


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