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Out With The Old In With The New

If there was mold in your home, would you take the necessary steps to remove it? Or would you ignore it and let it grow? By not attending to the issue, you run the risk of getting sick or worse.

Repeating old habits and remaining in old energy that no longer serves you is very similar to this.

It is outdated energy that can keep you from experiencing life fully if you do not make the necessary changes.

How do you know if you are repeating old habits or stuck in stagnant energy?

First, you have to become aware of the pattern.

Analyze the situation. Ask yourself, what are the results? If you keep coming up with the same results, then you are recycling a pattern.

What if it's the same situation or circumstances, but different people are involved?

There is no difference. It's energy. It is your energy, attracting these people to you, creating the same old energetic cycle.

The characters may change, but the story always stays the same.

It is your responsibility to recognize the pattern and break it.

Release the definition of insanity and allow yourself to experience infinitely new possibilities.


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