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My Journey to Destine Strategies

When I was little, my cousins would laugh at me for crying when they'd viciously kill frogs.

Oh, come on. The frogs had families, dammit. Why can't anybody understand that?

I love animals. Whenever my Dad's hunting dogs were ill or injured, I was always quick to help. My parents just knew I was going to be a veterinarian. They also knew I didn't handle death well.

"Wendy, you're so sensitive." I heard this enough from almost everyone to believe something was wrong with me. Presently, I would consider it a compliment. Back when I was growing up? Not so much. This very statement made me feel weak and ashamed of who I was. I thought God was punishing me. Why did those words and hurtful words in general feel like a hot knife stabbing me in my heart? Rather than speak up, I would bury my voice, which years later manifested into moments of rage and rebellion.

Little did I know, I was experiencing characteristics of an HSP (highly sensitive person) or some would call an empath. I've accepted it as a superpower, a gift. Ok, I say that now, due to lots and lots of healing. For me, there was no manual, no information on the topic back in the eighties where I grew up, and talking to someone else besides my family, was completely out of the question. So, I was left to do what all humans do, which was to explore and make plenty of mistakes. I bumped my head up against walls, sometimes the concrete floor, experienced unimaginable heartbreak, depression, and brokenness. All of which have made me who I am today and I'm so thankful for my continuous transformation.

Part of my purpose is to share my story to help those that are sensitive who may be going through a tough time and need a word of encouragement. Most importantly, I have to tell my truth. My story. If you don't tell your story someone else will, right?

With that said, welcome to my journey to Destine Strategies.


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