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I Never Have To Look Any Further Than My Own Backyard

Salvation was a word I often heard growing up in the church. I remember learning its definition in Sunday School and thinking...what is that? I instantly felt weird and oddly sad. My head was always trying to make sense of it, but my heart and soul knew otherwise.

We have developed a distorted, calculated belief for thousands of years to look outside of ourselves for "salvation" when it is our God-given divinity that has and always will be our savior. It is the foundation of Jesus' teachings. The kingdom of God is WITHIN YOU. He came here to teach us to believe we have the power to create and change anything in our lives? His focus was not to be immortalized or seen as a God, but for us to understand who we truly are.

Do you think God/The Universe would equip human beings with such magnificence only to come to earth to be saved by a belief used to control and manipulate?

We have to normalize looking inside of ourselves because no one is coming to save us.

Not no one. Not no how.

Jesus knew it was going to take centuries of love, courage, and awareness to see our power.

He also knew we had it all along.


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