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I Had The Silver Slippers All Along

A year ago, I charged five dollars for an intuitive reading. I genuinely wanted to help people, but I also used it as an excuse not to ask what I was worth.

For the past year, I increased the price of my readings when led by Spirit to do so. When I completed tests of self-respect, self-love, inner healing, Spirit gave me the green light to raise the prices.

It was never about the money. It is illumination. It is an advanced spiritual exercise in which I am proclaiming my worth to myself.

What I ask now for payment is not enough.

In my readings and everything I do is priceless because I know who I am.

I want to help others within every fiber of my being, and I will. Soon.

Light reflects what you cannot see, and we must be willing to wait patiently for the vision to become clear. -Spirit

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