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My Vision Is Clear

A year ago, I charged five dollars for an intuitive reading. I genuinely wanted to help people, but I also used it as an excuse not to ask what I was worth.

As I continued to work on myself as well as my website, my prices changed monthly, going higher each time. When I reached an amount that would have been great for my financial status, I paused. It just didn't feel right.

Who was I helping? Myself?

My Higher Self taught me money will be there when I need it and that I had to come to a happy balance with being paid what I am worth and serving others.

What I ask now for payment does not in any way match my worth.

However, my desire is to help those who are seeking guidance.

I know the information and gifts my Higher Self has blessed me with will surely bless others.

Light sometimes reflects what you cannot see, and we must be willing to wait patiently for the vision to become clear. -Wendy Fox


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