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Father, I Can Not Tell a Lie: I Cut The Tree

In middle school, I lied to my 6th grade music teacher about auditioning for a show called Star Search. While attending college, I lied about being sick and relatives dying to avoid going to class. My grandmother passed away 4 to 5 times during my enrollment.

Today, she is alive and well. Thank God.

I also lied about having a conversation with Quincy Jones. Oh, you know, just how he was going to produce my highly anticipated album.

Black lies, white lies, blue lies... they're all, lies.

What are you lying about? It's ok. We all do it. Understandably, when you have been lied to as a country, as a people for eons, lying to yourself becomes natural. It's in our DNA, but we have the power to change it. The majority of us have to relearn to speak our truth freely.

As the elder folks used to say, Tell the truth, shame the devil.


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