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Everyday Is A Day Of Thanksgiving

Have you ever celebrated special occasions such as birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, buying a home before they occurred?

The date is marked and set. We know it's going to happen, but some of us wait until the day arrives to receive congratulatory signs, gifts, and balloons. We get hugs, texts, and phone calls from family members validating our one day of happiness. Our one day for joy if we so choose.

What happens on the days leading up to the festivities? Are they joyful? Are they full of excitement and expectancy? What are you thinking, feeling while you wait for those 24 hour, assigned days to honor yourself?

Educational accomplishments, loving marriages, purchased homes, or just the miracle of waking up should be honored continuously.

I sometimes hear about people having month-long birthdays.

Why not make it every day?


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