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Your Thoughts and Feelings Create Your Reality

During my childhood, The Wizard of Oz and The Wiz became an intricate part of my belief in everything magical. The movie, E.T, was the first, sending my imagination into outer space and far away lands. My head was always in the clouds. I would dream of unicorns and magic carpet rides among the stars.

Throughout the years, The Wiz and The Wizard of Oz would air on television for their respective anniversary celebrations or holidays. Again and again, I would be transported back to otherworldly possibilities, and feelings of nostalgia would fill my heart. The story of two young women, one a teenager, the other an adult, carried away to enchanted worlds where good and evil coexist. The older I became, life experiences and their effects changed my perception of both seemingly innocent films. The character Dorothy, who I adore, was not so pure as I thought she was. Recently, the idea of Dorothy being responsible for her experiences in Kansas and the Land of Oz dropped into my spirit. Whaaaaat? I know. How could this sweet girl/young woman cause all of these life-altering events to happen to her? Today, I feel, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Dorothy's internal conflict was mirrored back to her in the relationships she had with family, friends, and herself, therefore producing a fascinating example of the universal statement-

We create our reality.


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