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Don't Blame Dorothy, Blame Yourself.

Wait a minute. Why was there a bucket of water in the Wicked Witch's castle? The same goes for Evilene in the movie, The Wiz. She had a full-on fire sprinkler system in her factory.

Why would you have an element in your possession that is profoundly fatal to your life, in plain sight?

Water is powerful and heavily connected to our emotions. I believe the bucket of water and sprinkler system were representations of their painful emotions neither woman dared to face. However, subconsciously, they knew their "demise" (healing) was always accessible.

When we are badly hurt in our lives, unhealed wounds can become a problem if not addressed. Often, we attract the same people and scenarios to play out the original offense. We push away those who genuinely care about us, but because we are not healed we interpret them as an attack.

Evilene and the Wicked Witch of The West did not know how to accomplish the healing on their own. So, they sabotaged themselves.

We tend to blame others for our suffering rather than taking the time to look within.

Within is where you will discover the root of your pain.

Don't blame Dorothy. Blame your emotions.


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